Each Of Us Live In A Different Kind Of Life

They say, life is bid by fates written beautifully by God. Truly, it is.

This journey of life doesn’t begin nor end without any plans. It is in fact laid down systematically the way it should be for over so many reasons. Reasons that only God Knows.

However, what does it mean to leave it to fate’s decree? Sure, we know that no matter how much we want something or someone in our life, if it is not meant to be ours it would never be. But that doesn’t allow you to just live your life without having any goals or plans at all.

Write down what you want to do in life, write down who you wanted to become, write down your dreams, write down your worries, and write down every single details of your life even if you may not know what’s in store for you in the end.

Fate can be something unexpected and precious. Maybe you might meet someone who is a total stranger and yet, he/she turns out to be your life partner.

Maybe you might dreamed of becoming what you desired, but it turns out you were fated to be something else which surprisingly suits you better. Maybe you might wanting to go somewhere someday and yet, turns out you’ll be going there next week.

However, fate also has its way of teaching us that life is hard and filled with choices. It introduced us to pain, suffering, loss, devastation, unhappiness, and grief. And for some people, this kind of fate followed throughout their life.

It is not because God isn’t JUST, it is because God tests us each in different ways according to each capacity.

Tests aren’t always being made tough, sometimes it is being made through easement.

Honestly, wealth and easement of one’s life may be a tougher one to go through because the nature of people is that they easily forget to be grateful and to be content with what’s already on the plate.

Even so, it is what we must go through nonetheless. Just remember what needs to be remembered. Prioritize what needs to be prioritized.

Don’t get too swayed on easement nor dwell on the pain. It will certainly end through time. Everyone has their own timing thus, never compare one another because each of us live in a different kind of life.


Just like my lecturer (Sir Al-Hanisham) always say, “Don’t take life too hard, Life’s already hard.”


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