When Bad Things Happened, There’s Something Good Behind It. Why?

It is common when something bad happens and people will utter, “Don’t be sad, there is wisdom behind everything that happens”, but how much do you believe in such words or you will just be annoyed by the statement?

Because… usually we will see something with our naked eyes, we rarely tried to look deep into a situation with our hearts.

There was this one naqiba of mine, a sister by heart, she always remind me to see things using the heart that Allah has given us. So I tried, tried and tried.

Initially, it seems difficult. It was really hard, but then it eases with small enduring steps.

To see that profound wisdom sent by God, you must open your heart first, that is number one. How to open your heart? By getting closer to Allah of course.

So, back to the main topic, wisdom.

Why did Allah presents the gift of wisdom behind everything that happened in life?

Have u ever think of it?

When bad things happened, there is something good behind it and when something good happens, there is also wisdom behind it (well obviously there is).


Because Allah wants to give you hope so you will not choose to give up even if the worst comes to you. That is why He created wisdom behind every single thing that had occured and will occur, so there will be room for hope, and that hope of yours will be worth it.

As for an example…

Right now I am locked out of my house,and I am in the middle of a rush, my house keys are inside the house and to make it simple I accidentally locked myself outside the door, how silly is that.

So, while waiting for my brother to send a duplicate of the house keys, here I am writing this article, just so the time that will pass will not go to waste, at least it is utilize.

No intention of boasting but just to highlight the brighter side of this situation is that I am able to read one page of the Quran just now and after that is able to write this story over here. Isn’t that something?

I mean, I manage to bring the best out of the worst and I should be thanking Allah for this. Initially I did thought of performing dhuha prayer and reciting the Quran but somehow I was in a rush, and then kun faya kun this happens.

I could not get in the house and at the same time I could not exit the house because sadly the gates are locked too… so yeah that’s the story but Alhamdulillah, Allah help me to fill the time and it distracted me from panicking like a nervous wreck.

Allah wants to teach me that eventhough there seems no hope, there is actually hope! The long period of time that I thought would go to waste had been utilized and my early intention to read the Quran had also been fulfill.

So, next time don’t give up, think, ponder and look around for wisdom. A blessing in disguise indeed this is.

Do you know that the easiest way to deal with hardships and calamities is to just give up? Because once you give up, everything will be settled.

You don’t have to do anything except lying hopelessly on your bed accompanied with tears flowing down your cheeks. You don’t have to waste your energy you could choose to reserve all the glucose in your body.

But… is it worth it? Is it really worth it?

How worthless do you think you are?

Allah created us beautifully in our own special way, we are designed magnificently by Him. He is the greatest creator, can’t you see His astounding creativity behind every creation .

Amazing, just amazing!

That is why when it comes to you or me or anybody else individually, we should see ourselves as something special because we are special in our own different way.

Why do we want to be like other people when God had created you? Being you, you are special my dear.

That is why you are created or else God would ditch in creating you and only create that person you are dying to be.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you were and what you will be, the most important thing is that you should always be you. Find your strength and power, because each of us serve a purpose to this world so embrace that, embrace the wisdom.

I do understand in times when the burden that lies on your shoulder towers and it becomes too heavy, you feel like falling. When people do not seem to understand you, you will start to mourn, isolating yourself from others

But my dear… during those tough times try to remember this:

“I live in this temporary world for a purpose, and that purpose comes with trials and tribulations, so I am tested to see how strong is my faith (iman). That purpose is to serve my one and only creator, Allah. 

I am here in this dunya is because of Him and I shall return to Him one day. Life is never meant to be paradise, I shall rest eternally in the hereafter but for now I have to struggle and be the best version me. 

I have to rise. The ummah must benefit with what I will contribute in the future, so Islam will rise again. In the name of Islam In the name of Allah I must surge from this agony!”

Be like the flower that release it’s scent after it is crushed and devoured.

In life, strength is the ultimate solution and faith is the only hope. Believe in wisdom.

You will grow after every calamity. You will improve. Deep regrets is unnecessary. There is always something to learn behind everything that had happened. This is indeed true, you know. So, note it down and be mentally prepared for another fight.

“Grow out of and into yourself again and again.” -Oprah Winfrey-

The past is not ours to grief.
The future is not ours to worry.

But the present, today, now,
it is ours.

The chances are for us to take.
Make a leap .

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