I Understand How You Feel

Hye you, I understand how you feel.

I understand the struggle and pain that you had gone through or you are currently undergo the pain right now.

But trust me, even you clicking and choosing to read my post right now is also the guidance from Him as a relieve for you.

I definitely hope my presence here in writing and posting will be able to help you feel happy and relieve at least a bit.

There’s nothing wrong to be in love, or to fall in love, but what makes it difference is how you carry LOVE itself.

Love is a beautiful gift that Allah create and bless us with. Even the free air that we breathe right now, the unstoppable internal organ that are function all 24 hours, all beautiful things that happened in our life are all a sign of love from our Lord, Allah.

Isn’t that clearly and obviously enough to show us how beautiful love is?

Dear you, i know the pain of love occurs when we put hope in human right? This is one of the most painful tragedy that we will go through.

This is normal journey, trust me. Don’t you dare to say “Why me?”

Why am I saying this? Because if this bad experience didn’t occur or happened to you then what kind of story or lesson will you learning from?

I know its hurt. I understand but baby look, don’t grief or sad all day long when he leave you!

He is definitely stupid or blind enough as he is not able to compare gold or gold plated, but look you already know which is gold and gold plated right?

Now the point is you already got your lesson. Can you imagine if Allah didn’t prevail to you the true color of him, then when you married later what will happened? We should be more thankful for this lesson. Don’t grief, I repeat.

Yes he might be your first love or he might be the only one that can make you feel happy (if you feel so) but remember, if a man doesn’t match his words, he is not a man.

He’s just a boy who like to talk. Isn’t that obvious to prove to you that what kind of guy he is? Why am I saying this?

Because if he is the right one he won’t left you by saying that, “You are too good for me” lol this is so cliché or he wont simply left you without words, leaving you wondering and asking yourself.

Dear you, you don’t even worth this treat! You are worth it! That was his lost as he is not able to handle the shine in you.

Don’t be sad, there’s always a silver lining after what had happened. Believe me. Love yourself more as in the end it will just you and yourself.

As long as you have Him in your heart, no one will be able to destroy or hurt you. Love.

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