Changes Come From Within

It’s been a while since my last wrote and I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all of you for such a great support. Honestly, I never expect to have this kind of positive feedback. To those who directly message me on my Instagram and Facebook, also on my blog, thank you very much.

I have read each and every comments and I felt a tremendous amount of positivity entering my soul. The emotion got the best of me and it got straight to the heart of matter. Reading all of the comments made me realized that many of you are facing the same situation as me and I truly believe that moral support is the best tool to ensure we always stand on the right track. Insha’Allah lets us together empowering each other so we can live our life out of despairs and negativity.

So back to the topic, last week I went to Petrosains –the discovery Centre at KLCC. Together with my in laws, we depart from home around 10 a clock in the morning and surprisingly it took us only 30 minutes to reach KLCC.

It was school holiday and everybody went back to their hometown that made the traffic very smooth, so less time consuming on the road a.k.a no jam at all. As parents we were really excited to bring Nuha along as there’s a lot of fun-science activities to do with kids. Besides, there is a new full-sized oil platform that my husband really eager to see.

About 40 minutes waiting to reach the main gate of the gondola ride, we finally entered the first zone and enjoying our time there. As we reached at the Sparkz zone where toddlers can be confined to the TotSpot area where they can do the least damage and many more, I saw a nappy changing room nearby and decided to change Nuha’s diapers right after.

It was a medium-sized room that combined the nappy-changing and breastfeeding area all together. Both areas separated only with a curtain. When I entered the room, there were already two moms in the breastfeeding area and because it only covered with a curtain, I can clearly heard their conversation at that time.

One of the moms complained that, as a working mom, she has to face some challenges especially when it comes to breastfeed her son. If I am not mistaken, her son is already one and a half-year-old and still refuses to feed from bottles. Because of that, every day, during lunch hour she has to rush to the nursery, feed her son and rushed back to the office once finished.

From the way she spoke, I can feel how exhausted she was and at the end of the conversation, she said that “ it’s not that I never try to teach my son to feed from bottles but he refuses to do so and people keep telling me that I’m pampering my son too much. I wish they know, how hard I have tried”.

Dear friend, if you are happen to read this, please to know that I never meant to eavesdrop your conversation but this situation really caught me direct to my heart. I was devastated. What a society that we live in? Why we people always want to intervene with other people’s life?

I really understood the condition of that woman. Somehow, people’s expectations can make you very stressful. To live a life trying to gauge other people’s feeling and being worried what people think is a very unfree way to live.

In her situation, it is not because she never tried to solve her problem but maybe it is all about time. As a mother myself, I really aware about every children are different. We might have some guide to refer but children development milestones are vary to each and every one of them. We can’t compare. Yes! That’s the word. We can’t compare.

· Don’t Let Yourself Distracted by Negative Surrounding

In this so-called-millennial era, it’s hard to live our own life by ignoring other people’s expectation. I truly understand that, as much as we ignore what other people think about us, sometimes the weakest part inside us can slowly get affected too because we are still living in that kind of environment.

But I remember a saying by Alder, a philosopher; he said that “we are bound to meet wrong things for wrong things are bound to meet us. But when things go wrong, don’t be wrong. Let thing be wrong”. To simply put, don’t let yourself distracted by the negative surrounding.

I know, it is really easy to say but never that easy to get it done. Sometimes, to do things that not favor by common people take a lot of courage.

· Know Your Own Capability in Your Own Capacity

The same concept as the concept of “different children have their own different development milestones”, we as adult too have our own different capability. Some people can sit all day in front of the computer to do their things but other people can bear to sit only 1 hour maximum.

Some people can spend their free time in a room all day but other people more prefer to travel. As in the case of that mother, although she herself face some difficulties to breastfeed her son during working days, but still she manage to do her responsibility as a mother and yes, she is capable to do so.

We are all different in many ways and the differences that make us unique and complement each other. Can we just tell our self to start embrace all the differences?

· Be the Best Version of Yourself

Whoever you are, be at your best version. If you are a teacher, be the best version of your own. If you are a mother, be the best version of your own. If you are a chef, make sure you are the best version of your own.

Find the uniqueness in yourself and let it to shine through because knowing your strength can really help to pursuit the superiority in you.  

· Reciting Quran Can Bring You Inner Peace and Tranquility

By remembering Allah will come to you peace. Other than performing Solah, reciting Quran will somehow can make you feel calm. Just remember, in every stressful matter, Allah is trying to teach you to become stronger. Try to spend more time to speak to your creator as it will help you to be easier with yourself over something that stressing you.

I know it is really difficult to change our culture that has been deeply embedded in our society but the changes are coming from within. If an individual can change the way he/she looks towards things, there’s nothing impossible if one day we can change the society as a whole.


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