Ya Allah, How Ungrateful We Are!

Thankful is something that we often forget to mention or to feel itself in our life. We are failed to do so as because we are already in a country or in a state where everything is complete and enough.

However we forgot that it was everything is with His Mercy. If only He didn’t grant us with what we have now, the free and fresh oxygen, the overflowing water from the mountain, the unstoppable heartbeat that works every single day without rest.

Ya Allah have you think of it? Then why there is still few of us that act like all of the blessings are nothing.

Sometimes without we realize our attitude and action shows that we are ungrateful because seldom we disobey Him by not doing what He asked us to do?

You see we as a Muslim should feel thankful for having Islam in our life, for being a Muslim since we are born. Can you imagine if we are not born in this religion? What will happened to us right now?

Can you imagined that? We as a Muslim should feel thankful for everything. At least we know, what we should do and where we should go when we have a problem(MOSQUE&QURAN RECITATION).

At least we know that we are not alone. At least we know that every good or bad deeds even to the size of the smallest atom will be judge.

At least we know that He always there and listen to us even we whisper to the depth corner of our heart.

At least we know and strongly belief that true love exists through the story of Our Prophet through His Wife, Family, Friends and through His Ummah which is us.

At least we pray five times a day whereby it makes our life feel complete and content. At least we know that paradise and hell also exist that cause us to afraid of making sins and bad deeds.

Dear all, what I really want to say is why we are still blind for not being able to say thank you? How many times did you say thank you to our Lord in a day?

Did we mention thank you to Him every prayer? Did we remember to start everything by mention His name first?

Ya Allah, how ungrateful we are. I am ashamed, I am ashamed of my self. I told you that I love You my Lord but none of my actions remind me of that.

I know that You test every one of us because You love us, but it takes a year sometimes for me to try to understand even I know your plans are far more greater than mine for sure.

Forgive me for behaving in such ways. Truly I love You


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