The Courage To Be Better

I remember having quite a long conversation with my husband at that one morning.

Initially, he was sharing about the leadership training that he was attending. But literally I found that the inputs from the training were really good to be practiced in our daily life.

He shared about how important for a leader to be fair, how important for a leader to have a good mindset, how to build a good character, critical thinking, how to set the priorities upon one another, the common senses, the courtesy, to conclude, how to be a good leader.

It was a good sharing until there, we reached at a point that touched me upon and brought me to come out with this entry was a question that one of the trainees ever asked the trainer and his answer was so simple yet powerful to be pondered;

Trainee: “If this training is so impactful towards making a good boss, why our bosses are still the same? And I believed they had joined this training too.”

Trainer: “Because above all, we are still human. People choose what they want to choose. People change if they want to change”

It’s true. People change if they want to change and people always choose not to change. Take our lifestyle for an example. Our lifestyle is not something that we were naturally born with but something we chose ourselves.

Then it must be possible to choose it over again. Of course, no one can change his/her own birth. Being born in this country, in this era and with these parents are things that we didn’t choose.

And all of these things have a great deal of influence. But at one time we probably face disappointment and start looking at other people and feeling “I wish I’d been born in their circumstances” and we can’t let it end there.

The issue is not the past, but here in the present. What do we do with it from here is our responsibility. Whether we go on choosing the lifestyle we’ve had up till now, or we choose a new lifestyle altogether, it’s entirely up to us.

People want to change, but changing is scary. When we try to change our lifestyles, we put our great courage to the test.

There is the anxiety generated by the changing and the disappointment attendant not to changing. My husband always said to me, it’s better to failed after you tried than be regret for not trying at all.

I believed, our unhappiness can’t be blamed 100% on our past or our environment and it isn’t that we a lack competence. We just lack our courage. The courage to be good. The courage to be better.

Good is an easy thing for one whom Allah eases it and giving it possible to everyone. It is not a condition that you be wealthy and rich, being able to write your history and your acts of benevolence yourself.

Verily, Allah recompenses over virtuous and good acts even though they be small as long as you purify the intention. Turn yourself to good deeds.

  •  Let Your Intentions Be Good

I always remind myself to refresh my resolutions every day. Human is a complicated creature that ever exist in this world.

Someday we will find ourselves so productive and some other day we just want to lay down on our bed.

Don’t ever give up to keep reminding yourself to do good every day. Set a good intention to lillahi taala that a good intention may guide us to do good.

  • Let Your Speech Be Good

We can do good deed by letting our speech bring happiness to other people. A statement could bring joy and delight to people and you gain thereby reward and expunge grief from them.

Also, some silly ensnaring statements could lead you to a most unpleasant result, bringing distress and sorrow to people. The statement could even make them contemplate suicide and make mistakes, why should us being the cause?

Let the speech be good. Amongst the things that facilitate people loving one are a cheerful face, tenderness and an accommodating nature.

Saying pleasant words and smiles cost you nothing, without expenditure, without any capital. In them is a balm for all forms of grief for everyone.

Be like a bee, it never perches except upon flowers and roses. Sometimes, happiness is attainable by making others happy. We want others to honor us and respect us, do not wish humiliation for them.

Do not seize the efforts of others and do not diminish therefrom.
Abu Bakar, may Allah be pleased with him, is reported to have said: “Good deeds save (one) from evil adversaries.

  • Let Your Actions Be Good

Do good and good things will come to you. We must first conquer greed and selfishness in ourselves. Treat people like what we want to be treated.

Just remember that every good deeds will give something that one must earn; it’s the inner peace.

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