He’s Always Be There When We Need Him

Love is a beautiful feelings come from a pure heart and it is known as one of the beautiful blessing from Allah.

Love is something that every single one of us will surely go through especially towards human being, man and women specifically.

I would like to tell a story of mine, which i think it is such a lesson learned. Yes i do learned. I don’t know I just have to admit that i have such a soft heart that i love too much.

Everything i did it was too much. Most of the guy that I’m in love with left me for some other more beautiful girl.

Sometimes i was wondering why are they behaving in such way? What have i done?

I love this one guy. I’m willing to help him, be with him i mean specifically was there for him every time he needs me.

He is the one who approach me first in this relationship and suddenly he left me for other girls by posting the picture of the girl at his social media.

Can you imagined how i feel? Did you know what did I do?

I’m just being quiet. Been quite and struggling of the feelings of disappointed and feeling of… Ya Allah why and why I miss him? Yes I do still miss him and late at night i seldom cry and told Allah everything about how i feel.

Since the day I become more closer with my Lord. I told Him everything what inside my head and especially what inside my heart.

I told my lord that i miss him and i forgive him. Tears start to flow heavily every time i mention this to my prayer.

I know Allah want to save me and He is testing me regarding this heart matters which is very heavy for me.

I learn to control my nafs by not letting him know that i miss him because i know there’s no point of doing so.

I had even told myself that yes you can replace me in your life but remember that you will never find me in another girl. and that is my words for you. Marks my words.

All i can say ladies and gentlemen, whoever is reading this right now, my point is always back to Allah and tighten your relationship with Him more often as He is the only One that will be able to coax you every time you feel sad or lost.

You know that dont you? You know that what is to be given is much better that what is to be taken. You know that right?

Well… yes we do believe in that. We mortals plan but so He does to… and surely His plan is far more better and beautiful that what we can imagined.

Remember guys, never put hope on human being as they will gone but always put hope and trust in Him as He is the Merciful, The Most Loving and Caring.

He is always there at the times we need Him. He is more closer than our jugular vein, remember that.

Never loose hope and always pray that Allah will always hold our heart in iman.


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